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Make an Appointment

Please follow the instructions below carefully to make an appointment with a BSHC specialist.

Making an Appointment

Please read the following instructions carefully to avoid any delays in processing your appointment request.

Before making an appointment:
You will need a referral letter from your GP to see a specialist at Bundoora Specialist Health Care.

- GP referrals are generally valid for 12 months only. After 12 months, you will need your GP to make a new referral.
- Referrals provided by a specialist are only valid for 3 months.

Allied Health:
Although a GP referral is not essential for most allied health services (eg. physiotherapist, psychologist) some of these services can be claimed through Medicare with a GP referral. lf you are not sure please check with your GP.

What to bring to your first Appointment:
  • - Medicare card
  • - Referral letter from your GP if you have not already attached, emailed or faxed it through.
  • - Any x-rays related to this appointment.

Please arrive 10 mins prior to your booked appointment time to complete Patient Registration Forms if you haven't done so prior.

Appointment Methods

Online Booking (preferred): Selecting 'Online Booking' below is the quickest and most efficient way to book your appointment. You will have the opportunity to attach your referral letter, so we'll have everything we need when you arrive.

Offline Booking: Selecting the 'Offline Booking' option below, will allow you to print a copy of our registration form which you can either email to use prior to your appointment (preferred) or bring with you at least 10mins prior to your scheduled appointment. If you are not able to send us a digital copy of your referral, you can fax it to (03) 9470 8311.

Phone Booking: You are welcome to call our office and one of our friendly staff will be able to assist you in making an appointment - 03 9470 8300.

How would you like to make your appointment?
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Patient Registration

We are committed to providing our patients with the best care, to do this it is essential that your medical records are up to date and accurate.

Date of Birth

Contact Details

Next of Kin

GP Details

Medicare Details

Pensioner Details

Private Health Insurance Details


  • You can fax your referral to: (03) 9470 8311.
  • You can email your referral to: reception@bshc.com.au

Note: Attaching your referral to this form is preferred. Your referral will be received instantly which will allow us to process your request quickly and efficiently.

Note: We strongly advise attaching, or at least emailing, your referral prior to your appointment. This will ensure we have everything required to provide a smooth process when you arrive at BSHC.


Fee Notice: Accounts are payable on the day of consultation. We quote the highest payable fee at the time of booking your consultation. Medicare rebates are available. We accept cash, EFTPOS or credit card. We value your privacy; your information is collected to maintain the most up to date records to help provide the highest quality care.

Sign and Submit

By signing or writing your signature below you agree to the Bundoora Specialist Health Care terms and conditions and consent to having the details you have provided kept on file so we are able to provide a streamlined administration process.
Offline Registration - Print Patient Registration
  • Step One: Download, print and fill in the BSHC Patient Registration PDF Download Patient Registration Form
  • Step Two: Ensure you have a copy of your GP Referral Letter.
  • Step Three: Ensure you have your Medicare card.
  • Step Four: Ensure you have any associated x-rays or documents.

You can email or fax your completed patient registration form to:
  • Email: reception@bshc.com.au
  • Fax: 03 947O 8311

Appointment Confirmation

Once we have received your registration and accompanying documentation, a BSHC staff member will be in contact via phone or email to confirm your appointment.

Book By Phone

To make an appointment by phone, please call 03 9470 8300 and one of our friendly reception staff will ensure an appropriate appointment is made for you.

Please ensure you have the following information on hand before you call:
  • - Medicare Card
  • - Referral Document
  • - Pensior Card (if applicable)
  • - Private Insurance Information (if applicable)
About BSHC

Bundoora Specialist Health care is a group of specialist health care professionals based in Bundoora, Melbourne.

Covering a broad range of conditions, BSHC is dedicated to providing the highest quality, comprehensive health care to Melbourne's North.

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